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The Unified Aboriginal Youth Collective (UAYC) is a consortium of Aboriginal youth representative bodies and organizations in British Columbia.  Their purpose is to unify the diverse groups of Aboriginal youth in British Columbia to establish One Common Voice.  Current members of the UAYC include:

  • Métis Nation British Columbia - Métis Youth British Columbia

  • First Nations Youth Councils of BC Association

  • BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres – Provincial Aboriginal Youth Council

  • BC Assembly of First Nations - Male & Female Youth Representatives


The UAYC is the only collective of Aboriginal youth organizations in Canada.  The UAYC strives to model unity and partnerships between diverse Aboriginal peoples.  UAYC meetings and events provide an opportunity for the different groups involved to share information, discuss challenges and best practices, and identify opportunities for collaboration between groups. 


The UAYC is a unique and innovative group that is building bridges and breaking down barriers that have historically existed between Aboriginal organizations.  As such, UAYC has the potential to strengthen and enhance collaborative relations between Aboriginal organizations in BC.  In addition, through their ongoing relationship with the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation, UAYC can impact the way in which the Province works with Aboriginal organizations, promoting sharing of information and partnerships to achieve common goals.  

Watch the 'Honouring Our Past Embracing Our Future' Forum Video


Sarah Ahluwalia, Community Developer

Socio-Economic Partnership Branch

Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation

Mobile: 250-208-0155

Email: Sarah.Ahluwalia@gov.bc.ca

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